HP Retail Day @Tin Pan Alley

Everyone said WOW!

HP, a global leader in technology, has been refreshing its business strategies to successfully introduce innovative products and solutions to markets worldwide.

The Challenge
HP has continually been developing, implementing and scaling programs to enhance its collaboration with retail technology partners. Apart from strengthening the HP partners network, these concepts have been aiming at showcasing HP innovations and products and eventually promoting HP product lines to be effectively  integrated into the shops’ collections. Within this framework, HP appointed Enzyme to plan an exclusive event for retailers. The appropriate event title was an important first step: HP_WOW #WelcometoOurWorld.


The Action
Join with a smile
Enzyme designed an online teaser video invitationSilas Serafim, one of the most talented Greek stand-up comedians, was appointed to create high levels of expectation by inviting guests through a teaser video.   

Bold choices create new possibilities
Tin Pan Alley, a multi-purpose venue in Psyrri, the famous gentrified Athens’ neighborhood, was selected as the HP_WOW event location. While considering the selection of the appropriate location, Enzyme suggested an alternative touch, away from the standardized atmosphere of hotels and conference centers. With its cozy and arty environment, Tin Pan Alley effortlessly contributed to the event’s friendly and comfortable ambience. We also explored the possibilities of the venue’s advanced 3D mapping projection systems, to create an impressive “WOW” presentation A special Demo Area, designed and installedby Enzyme , complemented the presentations as guests were motivated to check and actually use all HP technologies and products showcased in WOW. In this direct way they could all gain the experience and shape a personal view for HP innovations and products introduced during the event.   


In all its seriousness, business can also be funny
An entertaining stand-up comedy show by Silas Serafim had also been incorporated within WOW. With his unique performance, the prolific actor managed to successfully combine funny aspects of modern life with technology developments. Silas also coordinated an on-line quiz game, created by Enzyme to be related to HP products. By selecting #welcometoourworld on their smartphones, guests were giving their answers through twitter, and they were able to actually see their responses projected live on a central video-wall. The guests with the most and quickest correct answers were rewarded with HP tablets. HP_WOW #WelcometoOurWorld event concluded with delicious finger food and cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere, suitable for one-on-one conversations and contacts to enhance the relationships between HP people and technology market specialists. All guests were offered giveaways.

The Outcome
As all representatives of technology retailers actually attended, HP_WOW #WelcometoOurWorld has been considered a highly successful event. Apart from being informed about HP strategy, products and innovations, further enhancing the strong bonds between the company and its products with the technology market in Greece.

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