Wolfito Junior – Creating the Brand

In the heart of the pandemic that dramatically changed our daily lives, the Enzyme team was invited by “The Big Bad Wolf” delivery restaurant chain to work in the highly sensitive area of children’s catering. This resulted in the creation of “Wolfito Junior”, a pioneering action  for the specific group of restaurants.

A sensitive undertaking

Wolfito Junior is not just an “ordinary” kids menu. Next to the carefully designed list of dishes according to children’s nutritional needs, we worked to offer an attractive world, full of surprises, learning, games and gifts for The Big Bad Wolf’s little customers.

Apart from paying attention to issues such as compliance with quality standards, safety and cleanliness, we placed particular emphasis on creating a positive atmosphere by promoting values ​​such as friendship, cooperation, tolerance, sports and artistic education.

In this context, Enzyme created the happy and unique Wolfito Team !!!

Here comes the coolest pack!

Wolfito, the main character, is a cheerful, smiley and playful little wolf, the “kid” of The Big Bad Wolf, around whom “the coolest pack” has taken shape: Pigoulina the piglet,  Bennie the shearling, Foxette the little fox and Sprou the sparrow. They all share the fun with Wolfito, engage in their favorite activities and offer carefree moments of relaxation to children and parents as well.

With its pleasant colors, our well-designed Wolfito Junior box acts as a vehicle inside which, apart from the ordered food, we have included smart gifts such as drawing sheets, color markers, quizzes, puzzles, etc., so that the children can fully enjoy their meal time.

A multi-layered campaign

Wolfito Junior campaign has been launched accompanied with a set of promo activities, contests and regular draws offering attractive prizes. Enzyme has created a special video, along with a funny song about Wolfito and his pack, to be used in the campaign on electronic media such as radio and the internet, through the social media.


Moreover, we have created the special Wolfito Junior website (www.wolfitojunior.gr), an easy-to-use and friendly page including fun games, learning activities, and all the necessary info about the menus. The site also works as the platform for conducting the prize draws.

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