Pylones SA- HP Elite RPOS Sales kit proposal: “The Barcelona Chair”

We have been assigned by Pylones Hellas S.A. to present HP Elite RPOS to Hospitality sector clients.The vehicle we used for these proposals was not a hard selling one, focused on the technical specs of the product, but the emotional connection someone can have with the benefits using HP Elite RPOS  in their hotel / company.

While designing our proposal, we focused on “pampering” our recipients, who are permanently engaged to offer relaxing and pleasant services to their clients. In this case we wanted them to feel comfortable and enjoy peace of mind.

This intention has been reflected in our key message: “Sit back and relax. We will take care of you.” Or, in other words: “HP Elite RPOS is the ultimate retail system tool, allowing you to meet all your business needs. You don’t need to do much: Just sit back and relax.”

To support our statement, we used an original miniature of a famous object with high aesthetic value: The legendary “Barcelona chair”, as designed by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 to be shown at the International Expo of 1929 in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Apart from its powerful statement, this minimal decoration item can be also used as an elegant card holder in our recipients’ offices.

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