Microsoft – Public “The Game of 10”

10 is the number of perfection

Facebook Application


Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Windows 10, Microsoft’s improved operating system, came full of new features and innovations aiming to mark the beginning of a computer era more personal than ever for millions of users around the globe.

The Challenge

Microsoft required an efficient way to support the new technologies of Windows 10 and familiarize audience with Microsoft accessories and hardware. Enzyme was assigned with the mission to engage Facebook users with Windows 10 characteristics that use new technologies to maximize performance and ensure compatibility among platforms. Furthermore, the target was to create awareness and inform as many consumers as possible by using Facebook Post and Ads and promos that would also push Microsoft sales.

The Action

Play is the beginning of knowledge

Enzyme designed, developed and completed a Facebook application to support sales and create traffic into the Public network of stores, the largest chain of entertainment department stores in the Greek and Cypriot market. This original application was given the name Game of 10, and could be described as a funny, attractive, playful way to promote Microsoft Windows 10 accessories.


Fun and prizes, multiplied by ten

The objective of the game was the users to find 10 hidden Microsoft logos. Each time the user was clicking on a hidden logo, a new window was popping in order to showcase an accessory. When the user had found all 10 logos, he/ she was prompted to submit a form with his/her contact details in order to receive a 10% discount coupon on Microsoft PCAs and to participate in a contest to win a Lumia Phone.

Keeping people involved until the end

The game was promoted in a specific period of time, for 10 days. . In order to maintain the interest of the users, a new, different image / puzzle was displayed every day.


The Outcome

To further promote the application we created a Facebook Ad campaign. The key performance metrics displayed 125K Reach, 778K Impressions, and 1.419 clicks. Facebook page has more than 700k fans. On the 1st day of the Game of 10, a promotive post was created to gain more than 1800 likes, 440 shares and 330 positive comments. Other relevant numbers had also been spectacular, with 2726 valid participation entries and 2254 unique users.

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