From a decaying building to a functional and stylish multispace

From a decaying building to a functional and stylish multispace: The Web Supplies Store

Transforming an abandoned two-floor building into a modern and spacious computer/technology store, located in a historical district of Athens, also means enhancing its integration into the urban landscape and revitalizing the whole surrounding area. Committed to refurbish the central store and headquarters of Web Supplies SA in Iera Odos, we focused our basic concept on the creation of a space with a distinct and functional character, designated to optimize customer experience.

In the ground floor, understated colours, lights and deco materials have been used to highlight the products, while the new furniture, blending high-quality wooden and metallic elements, has been properly placed tο create a sense of circular motion around the demo and pick up areas. For this purpose, we used items such as a gondola table, a multifunctional cube flat-pack and a wide reception desk, combining functionality and style to engage customers with the shop and its displayed products.

A smartly crafted separation wall looms over the upper floor, right in front of a free playroom area that leads to the offices, which are discretely located in order to provide the staff with the necessary autonomy and concentration in a stimulating working environment. Made in variable sizes and ergonomically designed, the wooden/metallic desks are properly arranged to meet the needs of the employees.

The exterior of the store has also been fully revamped, smartly embedding elements of the Web Supplies’ logo on the showcase. Overall, our approach managed to transform this building from an uninviting wreckage into a welcoming facility bound to become an integral part of the everyday city life.

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